What is Spiritual Healing?

Healing is the beneficial effect that Healers can have on clients. Motivated by my own beliefs, I administer healing through the gently laying-on-of-hands or at a distance by intention or prayer.

How does Healing work?

To the extent that it occurs, healing is the transference of harmonizing Paraphysical energies. The energies that are transferred depend upon the needs, beliefs, capabilities and procedures of the person or persons involved.

Every living being is maintained by these energies, which may be transferred in the presence of those concerned or at a distance.

Facilitated Healing

Healing can be facilitated in many ways:

One to one

At a distance

Group to group healing

One person healing a group

Group healing to one person

Self induced

Healing can take place through the art of dialogue, a kind gesture, engaging in forms of creative expression, connecting to nature and by participating in complimentary therapies. This list is not definitive.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing can benefit the client in many ways. It is commonly known to support the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. It has also been known to reduce pain, sickness and fatigue.

You may be seeking healing for a physical, spiritual or emotional issue. It may be a specific reason that is known to you or it may not be known yet.

Whether it is to address a core wound or root cause, healing can have fantastic benefits.

My clients have reported that it has helped to support well-being, restore balance and raise awareness through the process of clearing as they embark on their journey of conscious expansion.

The Aim

My intention is to support you on your healing journey. The aim is to impart my knowledge whilst giving you practical tools that can be used at any point outside of the healing sessions, which can support you with your own process of self-healing and self-development.

The Process

The session will start with an initial discussion, exploring your needs. You will be asked to complete a Client Details form.

You can choose to either lie down on the healing couch or have the healing whilst sitting in a chair. You shall remain fully clothed throughout the process, shoes and glasses may be removed etc. to assist with your comfort.

I will connect to the energy of the earth and attune myself to the Quantum field. When a connection has been established, I will centre in my heart, beginning an intuitive process, channeling these energies to your chakras and auric field.

When the session is complete, your attention will be gently brought back to your physical body and surroundings, then we will discuss the process and you can share any experiences.

Healing techniques

  • Guided meditation
  • Energy management
  • Wounded child
  • Cord cutting
  • Soul retrieval
  • Ancestral healing
  • Psychic attack
  • Spirit release
  • Space clearing
  • Death, dying and grief
  • Animal healing

Some healing techniques will involve a collaborative approach, which is also known as interactive healing. You will be guided as we do this work together.


One-hour session is £60.00

One and a half hours is £85.00

Concessions are available dependent upon your situation. This will be discussed prior to booking the session, if and where appropriate.

Distant Healing

Some people may find it difficult to leave their homes, they may be having treatment in hospital, in a care home, or have some kind of restriction. I have worked with clients that have had PTSD, Anxiety and various other traumas that made it difficult for them to leave their homes. I also work with clients across the country and internationally.

Distant healing is an alternative option at this point. As stated above in “How Healing Works”, it is the transference of parahysical energies, which are channeled through thought and prayer. The process is the same as in person, only that we will have a telephone consultation instead of face to face.

I will have the healing couch or chair, depending on your preference set up at my clinic and will energetically bring you into this space, working on your chakras and auric field as I would if you were in physical form.

It is advisable that you are not driving, operating machinery or at work whilst you are having distant healing. Many people that receive healing in person or at a distance report that they feel the healing taking place, which can sometimes be experienced as an induction of deep relaxation. Health and Safety is paramount.

I suggest that the client is in a comfortable space, lying down or in a seated position, with minimal distractions. The client will always get exactly what they need from the healing; it is more of a choice in regards to how you would like to honour this space for yourself and receive the healing.

Half an hour session is £30.00

Most people find that this is a good option if they have an understanding of what is occurring for them or if they have been doing ongoing work. This could also be helpful if time is an issue.

One-hour session is £60.00

This is a recommended option if people need to deeper work or if it is their first session.

Concessions are available dependent upon your situation. This will be discussed prior to booking the session, if and where appropriate.

Evan Yiangou


I trained and qualified with The Way of Life Foundation, under Tracy Antonio. I then went onto further my education and healing knowledge at The School of Intuition and Healing under Sue Allen.

The Healers Practitioners Association International holds my insurance and membership.

I can also be found on the register of registered practitioners. I am also an accredited and licensed member of the British Alliance of Healing Associations.

I follow the British Alliance of Healing Associations Code of Conduct.


As a licensed practitioner, I must ensure that I am GDPR compliant for my own purpose of auditing. This is supportive and beneficial to both practitioner and client.

Your personal data is kept either in a secure place within my clinic and or securely online. None of your personal information will be given to third parties or shared with other agencies unless you give your written consent for this information to be shared.

The law states that I must keep your data for 7 years from your last appointment.

Information Prior to Booking

Opening times

The clinic is open from Monday to Thursday between 10 am – 19:00 hours

It is suggested to book in advance if at all possible as there may be a waiting list.

The Appointment

When you contact the clinic we will arrange a time to book in your session, the duration of your session, whether the session will be facilitated in person or at a distance/online.

Travel and Location

There is free communal parking outside of the clinic, which you are welcome to access if required.

If traveling via public transport, there are good links.

Northern line

Take the Northern line to Finchley Central underground
Come out of station and walk up the hill, turn right onto the main road
Its bus stop C outside of Greg’s the Bakers, opposite Costa Coffee
Take the 382 bus (single decker) going towards Southgate Station
It’s around a 10-minuet bus ride
Get off at Sunny Way; the clinic is around a two-minuet walk from the bus stop.

Piccadilly line

Take the Piccadilly line to Arnos Grove underground
The bus stop is directly outside of the train station
Take the 382 bus towards Milbrook Park
It’s around a 10-minuet bus ride
Get off at Sunny Way; the clinic is around a two-minuet walk from the bus stop.

Waiting Room

Please note there is no waiting room at the practice. Please make sure that you arrive on time for your session. If you arrive early I may still be in a session.  If you arrive late your session time will be lost.

Cancellation Policy

Please inform of any cancellations 48 hours prior to your session or the full fee will be charged.